What is Fit2Go ?

Fit2Go’s mission is to help health conscious professionals in need of something fresh, balanced and convenient to eat during their hectic work days.

Fit2Go makes “eating smart” simple to follow:

  • Freshly made and delivered daily: No preservatives, no sugar added, low sodium.
  • Flexible and customizable: No contracts! Pay as you go.
  • Menu designed by a Chef and a Dietitian based on a heart smart diet. More than 2 months without repeating a dish! Select from Meals, Wraps or Salads.
  • Fully Customizable to fit your lifestyle. Change any dish at no additional cost.
  • Online Ordering System and account management.
  • Premium packaging and individual microwavable portioned containers that allow easy storage and preserve individual flavors.
  • Excellent customer support team that helps with any questions or needs our customers may have


General Manager





"Hello Fit2Go heroes, You guys are amazing... I have lost 35 pounds in 1 month and half thanks to your healthy/balanced meals. I have more energy in the gym now and I actually don't even feel like I'm in a diet since the food is so delicious :) Thank you for all you do!!"