Frequently Asked Questions

Fit2Go's mission is to help health conscious professionals in need of something fresh, balanced and convenient to eat during their hectic work days. Many people's habits and lifestyles limit them from consistently eating right, and Fit2Go's vision is to make it easy for people to eat smart and lead a healthy lifestyle. We cook all our meals with fresh ingredients and deliver them daily before lunch time. Our menus were developed and balanced by a dietitian and a chef to guarantee freshness and quality. Our clients have the choice of selecting any combination of Lunch, Lunch + Dinner, Wraps and Salads.

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Fit2go has no contracts or commitment. It is pay as you go!

There are no registration fees and you will only pay for what you order at the time of checkout. Please keep in mind all canceled meals will be credited back to your Fit2go account for future purchases.

There are no contracts or commitment. Also, no minimum order is required in regards to how many people or days you must order. Minimum is 1 person/ 1 day. In regards to the menu, you must at least select a Fit2Go meal ($11), a Wrap ($9) or a Salad ($9) in order to process an order.

Just click here to Register and fill out all the necessary information. Once logged in, you can place orders online, customize your ingredients and make changes to your menu. It's that simple to start enjoying a healthier lifestyle!

Orders can be placed online at our Menu page up to midnight of the day before delivery.

Your Fit2go meals will be delivered fresh between the hours of 8:30 am and 1:00PM pm for your convenience. Reheating will be necessary for most dishes. We usually recommend our clients to have the meals delivered to their office. If you want a home delivery we recommend to have a small cooler outside just in case we miss you. Click here to see our delivery maps.

All of our meals arrive in individual recyclable/microwave safe containers. Each dish has it's own nutritional information displayed in a label. All containers are placed in our famous Fit2Go bags that can be returned to our deliveries for recycling.

We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover cards. If you wish to pay by cash or check, you can give it to our delivery person upon receiving your first meal of the week. You can also pay using a Coupon in the checkout page.

Our regular menu low sodium, and no sugar added. We can also customize towards low carb, vegetarian, keto, paleo and classic. Our menus are displayed in the Menu Page and can be changed for any option by clicking on them and making your selections.

Yes. In your profile home page, you may click on "Customize Ingredients" to make permanent changes to your profile so we may switch any dish containing that ingredient automatically. You can also change any dish when placing your order in the Menu Page by clicking over the dish and selecting your preferred option. You can also send us an email at or call us at (305) 718-3858, let us know about your allergies and dislikes, and we all be more than happy to accommodate you.

No, Our wraps and salads are not customizable and do not change with your ingredient specification.

All of our plastic containers are microwavable safe.

Of course. Our containers are made from recyclable plastic type 2 and 5. Our Fit2Go bags can be returned to your delivery person to be reused.

Our meals were designed and balanced by a Chef and a Dietitian and follows the guidelines of the American Heart Association, the American Dietetic Association and USDA Food suggestions for portion control. Our regular menu is heart smart which is low calorie, low sodium, and no sugar added diet.

Yes everything that you receive is calculated on the nutrional sticker that is on top of the container...

" I cannot get over the absolute, excellent taste of these meals!!! Today was another 5 star lunch! Thank you so much! Your next thing should be to offer cooking classes. Teach us how to cook so delicious while keeping the calories, etc. so low. PLEASE! :-)"